We envisage that the IMR will become an integrated, unique, specialized and well-equipped marine research institution with highly efficient scientific and technical caliber; capable to address global challenges





Provision of highly qualified and efficient research staff, capable of performing multidisciplinary research programs in all relevant fields of marine sciences,



•Proper academic qualifications of research and technical staff at local regional and international level .



  1. Proper academic qualifications of research & technical staff at local regional and international levels in all related fields of marine sciences.
  2. Provision of baseline and applied research in the various oceanographic disciplines for development & utilization of coastal and marine resources as well as effective environmental protection measures.
  3. Continuous environmental assessment program along the Sudanese coast for prediction and control of various sources of pollution affecting amenity of marine environment and economy of coastal & marine potentials.
  4. Establishment of public aquarium and marine references collections units to serve educational, research and recreational purposes and as a base for a national museum.
  5. Provide consultancy service for both public & private sectors, in all matters related to optimum exploration, development of coastal & marine resources and advise them to invest accordingly.
  6. Develop and strengthen research and academic cooperation in all fields of marine sciences with various relevant institutions, Organizations, agencies at national, regional & international levels to advance and refine marine and environmental research for development, management and sustainable use of marine resources.


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