We envisage that the IMR will become an integrated, unique, specialized and well-equipped marine research institution with highly efficient scientific and technical caliber; capable to address global challenges





Provision of highly qualified and efficient research staff, capable of performing multidisciplinary research programs in all relevant fields of marine sciences,



•Proper academic qualifications of research and technical staff at local regional and international level .


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The IMR consists of the following research departments:

  • Marine Ecology department.
  • Marine Biology Department.
  • Physical Oceanography Department.
  • Chemical Oceanography Department.
  • Marine Geology Department.
  • GIS and Remote sensing Unit
  • Sudan National Oceanographic Data Centre (SNODC).
  • Marine Meteorology Unit

Each of the above divisions includes several sub divisions or specialties. In addition, there are other supporting divisions and subdivisions including the administration, library, communication and maintenance.

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