We envisage that the IMR will become an integrated, unique, specialized and well-equipped marine research institution with highly efficient scientific and technical caliber; capable to address global challenges





Provision of highly qualified and efficient research staff, capable of performing multidisciplinary research programs in all relevant fields of marine sciences,



•Proper academic qualifications of research and technical staff at local regional and international level .



IMR Consisted of five pioneer Research Assistants recruited at the establishment phase . They persuaded their postgraduate studies at M.Sc & Ph.D levels (in USA, U.K, Germany & Sudan) on Government scholarships and got specialized in marine biology (zoology / botany), marine chemistry, marine geophysics and marine geology.

A professor in marine coral geology (Dr. J.H. Schroeder) from Berlin University was appointed as a Director to the I.O (1976 – 1983) through German technical assistance to Sudan.

They all contributed significantly to the knowledge and development of marine research in the Sudanese Red Sea in their respective fields.

The present research staff of IMR involves:

  • Dr. Mudather Abdo M. Osman: A senior researcher (Assistance Professor) in marine geology (Sedimentology), Ph.D. University of Khartoum, 2015. Now he is Director of IMR.
  • Prof. Abdel Gadir Dafallah Elhag: A senior researcher (Professor) specialized in marine biology (Phytoplankton) PhD (U.k), 1984. .
  • Prof. Mohamed El Amin Hamza El Amin: A senior researcher (Associate Professor), in fisheries (Mariculture) PhD (Iraq), 2001. He was Vice Chancellor of the Red Sea University.
  • Dr. Elsheikh Bashir Ali: A researcher in chemical oceanography. M.Sc University of Bergen, Norway, 2008. He is currently on PhD; in Norway.
  • Elfatih Bakry Ahmed Eltaib: A researcher in physical oceanography,  M.Sc University of Bergen, Norway, 2010.
  • Salma Khalaf Allah Dafaa Elseed: A researcher in chemical oceanography. M.Sc (University of Bergen, Norway), 2010. She is currently on PhD  scholarship in Norway
  • Ahmed Alkarory Ahmed Abdalazeez: A researcher in physical oceanography,  M.Sc University of Bergen, Norway, 2012.
  • Almogeira Osman Khalifa Osman: Senior technician, M.Sc in fisheries (University of Khartoum)
  • Bashir Hyder: Senior technician high diploma in marine chemistry, University of Bahri , 2010.
  • Abdoalrahaim Mohmmed Ali: Senior IT (B.Sc.Hon, Computer Man College, 2001) in computer sciences for ocean information data processing.
  • Zaina Bazraa: Secretary of IMR.
  • Srag Aldin Osman: Administrative Supervisor (B.Sc, Sudan Open University, Business Administration 2013), Master of Business Administration (Red Sea University).
  • Adel Sidahmad Omar: Technician of marine revival
  • Hossam El-Din Osman Ahmed: Geologist
  • Shahab Mohamed Mohamed Mousa: Driver of the Lynch

However, the research staff recruitment and qualification process is still continuing to fill up the gaps in the different oceanographic and marine sciences specialties.

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